Angus Affordable Housing Supply – Government Funding

The Scottish Government recently announced funding for affordable housing up to 2020/21 for the Angus area.

This follows on from the previously announced funding levels for 2017/18.

Our funding for the next 4 years will be:

2017/18 £5.754m
2018-19 £7.511m
2019-20 £8.497m
2020-21 £9.066m

For more details see the Scottish Government websitescot Gov

The Council manages the Affordable Housing Supply Programme in Angus by working with the Scottish Government, Housing Associations and developers.

Our aim is to ensure a robust, long term programme to assist the Scottish Government to meet their target of building 50,000 affordable homes by 2021.

The recent announcement on subsidy levels provides the certainty needed to ensure these long-term objectives are met.

For affordable developments currently underway visit our Housing Development webpage.



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