Viewmount New-Build Meet & Greet

We held an event for tenants of the new properties at Viewmount, Forfar. Tenants were able to discuss kitchen choices with Technical Officers, speak to Architects about designs, speak to the Landscape Services Officer about improvements to the park and meet the staff from the local housing office. Occupational Therapists were also available for people with medical needs. All prospective tenants were delighted about the level of involvement they have had with the new development and their children had a great time making Play Do and smoothies (not to be mixed up!:)).

Viewount 1

Photos from the event



Involving our customers in our new-build projects before completion gives us a chance to tailor the finished product to their preferences, to make sure they are happier in their homes, and take pride in the place where they live. It also gives us important customer feedback on the designs and the process, so that we can improve things where we need to. Also, by giving our new tenants a chance to meet their neighbours, we hope they will already feel part of the community, and be less anxious about the upheaval of moving home.

For affordable developments currently underway visit our Housing Development webpage.



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