#ScottishHousingDay in Angus

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Today is the second annual Scottish Housing Day when landlords and tenants will be celebrating at various events up and down the country and posting activity on social media. You can join in by searching for the hashtag #ScottishHousingDay or following @scothousingday on Twitter.

In the last 100 years or so, Council housing has broken the link between poverty and bad housing, and so it’s fair to assume that Council housing has improved the health and life expectancy of every community in Scotland.

Clearly everyone will have their own view on that topic as every community in Scotland will be facing different challenges, but there is lots to be proud of in the social housing sector and Scottish Housing Day lifts the lid on a lot of that work.

The theme of this year’s Scottish Housing Day is ‘young people and older people’ – the challenges facing younger people in accessing housing, and how we can help older people live longer in a home suited to their needs.

In Angus, our Communities Team is holding an information event in

Arbroath Abbeygate Shopping Centre,

from 2pm to 4.30pm

with tenants from our local Steering Group and officers from the local Housing team.

Pop in if you are interested and want to share your experiences or ask your housing questions.


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