Abbey Quarter Planning Permission Granted

The next step forward in the transformation of the Abbey quarter of Arbroath has been achieved, with confirmation that Planning Permission for 40 new Council houses and flats has been granted.

The Abbey Quarter’s importance for Arbroath cannot be over-emphasised, both as a central residential and retail area, but also as a major visitor destination due to the presence of the historic Abbey.

Arbroath Abbey has played a crucial role in Scotland’s history, including the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. It is the 700th anniversary of that event in 2020, so Angus Council’s regeneration project is scheduled to complete in time for that important milestone.

craig fOur Convenor of Communities, Councillor Craig Fotheringham, said: “The blocks of flats which were previously on the site were unpopular, difficult to let, and had very poor appearance, which had a negative impact on business, retail and tourism. So I warmly welcome the news that this project can go ahead, as it will make a huge contribution to regenerating the area and delivering high quality affordable housing sympathetic to its surroundings. Our Housing vision is to create places that people are proud to call home. That’s why we build high quality energy efficient low rise housing that is second to none.”


The Abbey Quarter site

W7ArbEastCllrSpeedOur Vice Convenor, Councillor Lois Speed, added: “If we are to ensure that Arbroath is a great place to live, work and visit, it’s right that we should do our best to enhance the town with good urban design and architecture so that we can create an experience for residents and visitors that we can be proud of.”

Work will begin on the 40 new Council homes for social rent later this year. See more details at our Housing Developments site.


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