Tenant participation – Make your voice heard

RTO tenants 

We always want hear from as many of our tenants as possible to ensure we are delivering the services they need, as well as properties they are proud to call home.

In this the Year of Young People, we particularly want to engage with our young tenants who are under 25–years-old. Their voices are under-represented when it comes to tenant participation.

We are engaging with all our tenants in different ways, by the day-to-day contacts with our housing officers, by our surveys that cover repairs and tenant satisfaction, as well as news on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages, and this Blog.

Our Tenants Steering Group plays a main role in the decisions we take for the future. Indeed in 2017, the group agreed that rents should be increased to ensure continued investment in existing and new affordable housing. They proposed three options which went out to tenant consultation and then approval of the Communities Committee.

Scrutineers (tenant representatives)  provide important feedback about the service that we and our contractors provide and tell us when we get it wrong, as well as when we get it right. The same is true of tenant and resident groups supported by our Pride in Place Communities Officers.

Over the past year, our own repairs satisfaction survey has directly involved 2400 of our customers and our Housing blog has had more than 2000 visitors since the start of the year. It’s not just there to read, you can feedback to us directly too.

We want to hear from you. What you tell us can help to inform what we do, from wider policy and procurement to the straightforward needs of the individual.

Our most recent full customer satisfaction survey found that –

 82.65% of our tenants were satisfied with the overall service we provided.

79.55% felt we were good at keeping them informed about services and decisions.

62.11% were satisfied with opportunities given to participate in our decision making processes.

89.17% were satisfied with the standard of their home on moving in.

82.36% of those who have had repairs or maintenance in the last 12 months were satisfied with the service.

81.66% were satisfied with the management of their neighbourhood.

97.78% of those households who were homeless in the last 12 months were satisfied with the quality of temporary or emergency accommodation.

80.26% of tenants felt their rent represented good value for money.

100% of gypsies/travellers were satisfied with our site management.

Communities vice-convener Lois Speed said: “We are doing a great deal when it comes to engagement with our housing tenants, but we can and always want to do more to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. The Viewmount development in Forfar was a shining example of how we listen to our customers. Where once were unpopular, unloved flats, that quite frankly no one wanted to live in, we have delivered houses that people are proud to call home and be at home in. From the architect’s page through to the keys being handed over, we ensured that tenants were involved – thanks in no small part to the Viewmount Voices. It’s an approach that has helped to build not just homes, but a community too and our participation will continue long after the front door key has been turned.”

It’s an approach that will continue throughout the housing service and via ongoing and upcoming housing projects, including – Academy Court in Forfar; Abbey Quarter and Timmergreens in Arbroath.

There are a variety of ways, directly with our staff, at local meetings, online and via surveys in which you can engage. But if you know of someone who is unable to get in touch with us because of work/family commitments, or perhaps language, confidence or digital skills barriers, let us know and we will get in touch with them.

For tenants who are internet-able and enabled, there is more information on the Housing pages of our website and via the this Blog. If you want to speak to someone to find out more about tenant participation options, or to give us your ideas, contact Mark Johnston, Communities Officer – email:  JohnstonM1@angus.gov.uk  Work mobile: 07786 646859



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