New Abbey Quarter homes are starting to take shape

Since starting in November last year, the construction programme at Abbey Quarter has been moving forward. The foundations are in place and the frames of the homes are now beginning to appear. We estimate that these energy-efficient, low-rise properties, which are designed to complement the abbey and provide a place where people can enjoy living, will be ready in 2020.


The £7-million Abbey Quarter development – on the footprint of Guthrie Hill and Smithy Croft – is supported by £2.3 million of Scottish Government grant funding and will provided much-needed homes for rent near the town centre, where previously there were unpopular multi-storey blocks


The 28 one-bedroom flats and two wheelchair-adapted properties will help to meet the significant demand for these types of rented property in Arbroath. There will be 40 units in total across the development, with two, three and four bedroom homes also available.


Pat Millar, a community representative on the Arbroath Locality Partnership said:

“It’s great to see the area really taking shape. Housing-led regeneration projects are a key component in our Arbroath Locality Partnership’s vision to make Arbroath a better place to live, work and visit. But it’s about more than aiming for high quality housing for all – it is about improving the town’s infrastructure and its environment so Arbroath is more accessible and more enjoyable for people to get around, to live, work and play. It’s also about helping to make Arbroath more attractive for employers and visitors so we can improve the economy and reduce poverty by improving job prospects and helping to raise household incomes.”


Elected members met council officials onsite today (Friday 25 May) to view the developments and discuss the plans in detail.


Communities convener, Cllr Craig Fotheringham said:

“I’m very happy to see the progress being made here at Abbey Quarter. This project will help us provide more high quality places that people are proud to call home. The design is contemporary, but sits perfectly alongside our historic Abbey and I am certain people will be delighted to live here.”


Communities vice-convener, Cllr Lois Speed added:

“It has been exciting to see this development take shape. There’s no doubt that, when completed, it will enhance the area and help improve the lives of all those that will be offered a home here. It’s also great to see more housing options being provided for households who have a disability. It is vital that we continue to increase our stock of accessible, barrier-free homes to help tackle the growing demand and pressures on those individuals and families who require this type of property”.


Managing Director, Steven Brady of Hadden Group, the site contractor, said:

“We’re pleased with the progress made to date on the construction works. Much of this has been in the ground but, now the superstructure is underway, you will rapidly see the buildings taking shape.”



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