Arbroath Demondale area regeneration programme completed

After 12 years of transformation, the last phase of the regeneration of the Demondale area in Arbroath has been finalised with the completion of 4 new properties in Noran Avenue.

Elected members and Council’s officials met together at Noran Avenue today to discuss the completion of the Demondale regeneration and to view the new properties


The new properties were completed by Bancon Construction and have replaced older, less attractive stock with new, energy-efficient homes that better meet the needs of current waiting list applicants. Two of the recently constructed properties are suitable for households with medical needs, which will help deliver our Local Housing Strategy target of having 20% of new-build affordable housing suitable for particular needs.


Housing spokesperson Cllr Lois Speed said:

It is good to see tenants settling in to their new accommodation and surroundings at Noran Avenue and to see how the regeneration programme has improved the quality of life for local residents and transformed the area into a place that people can be proud to call home. We want to make sure people have great places to live – that’s more than just the bricks and mortar – it’s about providing people with a safe and stable environment to help set the foundation for better educational attainment, and training and employment opportunities. It’s about helping to improve health and wellbeing, combating poverty, and helping boost the local economy through investment.

The Demondale regeneration project has also improved the quality of amenity space in the area, by creating better parking and landscape layouts which complement the new homes. This environment brings new opportunities for the local people such as taking forward initiatives as part of the Council’s sustainable food strategy, which is a high priority for the Arbroath Locality Partnership.


Gavin Currie, managing director of Bancon Construction, said:

We worked closely with Angus Council on the design and build of four bespoke, energy efficient houses at Noran Avenue in Arbroath, which includes accessible properties that have been fully adapted to accommodate wheelchairs. We were extremely pleased to be awarded the contract by Angus Council, which reflects our experience in constructing high quality buildings for residential and healthcare use.


New lighting in Forfar Lordburn Park

The Lordburn Park in Forfar has a brighter new look with new solar lights installed. LRP Action Group, supported by the local community, started a petition to improve the park and their voices have been heard. The new lighting system makes the park safer and more accessible.

John Morrow, Service Leader (Housing), said:

This is a good example of joint working. Residents highlighted the issue after a community safety incident in the area. We want to ensure our tenants in Lordburn and other residents of Forfar can walk or cycle to work or shop, as that reduces traffic and carbon emissions, and also helps people to be healthier. This path is a main route from Lordburn and Restenneth to Forfar town centre, so it’s important that people can feel safe and secure, especially in the long winter evenings and early mornings. so we felt that the Housing Revenue Account should fund the work. However, rather than digging trenches for cabling and erecting traditional hard wired mains lights, Roads colleagues suggested Photovoltaic LED lights which dont need cabling. They operate on movement detectors so are on for short periods only. This saves energy, minimises light pollution, and also reduces disruption and damage to the park during installation. As there are no electricity costs, long term revenue costs are minimal. A small project, but one I hope that is will thought through, and will deliver a real practical benefit for residents.

Have Your Say on the Timmergreens of the Future

We’re calling on residents of the Timmergreens area in Arbroath to get involved in the conversation about how the neighbourhood will look for years to come.

The people of Timmergreens can influence the plans for the area and to hear what the community thinks, we will hold a key public consultation event next week.

Come along to:

Arbroath United Cricket Club

Keptie Road, Arbroath

on Thursday 5 July

from 3pm to 6pm 

Housing spokesman, Cllr Craig Fotheringham said:

I want as many people as possible who either live or have a stake in the Timmergreens area to come along and have their say. They can help to shape and influence the layout of the homes and environment, and how it can best work for them.

The project, which involves the demolition of 140 flats, was approved by our Communities Committee in August 2017. It is aimed at providing more modern properties, a better environment, and improving people’s overall quality of life. New homes will be built at Emislaw Drive, Spitalfield Place, Newton Avenue and Muirton Road.

The Timmergreens area was identified for regeneration (see our previous post) due to its higher than average numbers of low demand properties (which is characterised by a small waiting list, high numbers of empty houses, high refusal rate and low level of tenancy sustainment).

For more details see Angus Council news.

Arbroath Abbey Trail officially open at Abbey Quarter housing development


Representatives from Scotland’s Urban Past, Historic Environment Scotland and Angus Council, along with children from Arbroath Academy, officially opened the Arbroath Abbey Trail outside the new Abbey Quarter housing development. The event was followed by the premiere of the video about the project in the Arbroath Abbey Visitor Centre and the children received Heritage Hero Awards in front of their parents.



The Arbroath Abbey Trial will be available all year at the Arbroath Abbey and will let people find different historical characters linked to places around the town.

Communities Convener, Craig Fotheringham said

“It’s great to see this this initiative linked to Arbroath Abbey and engage with young people to share information about this historical place and Arbroath. The Trail banners placed around Abbey Quarter housing development link the new modern housing with historical associations”.

Arbroath Abbey Trail

Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme


 To reduce flood risk in the town and provide protection of people, homes and businesses from the Brothock Water, we are seeking views on the proposed Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme.

A copy of the proposed scheme documents comprising of maps and plans showing the extent and scale of the operations and the land affected by them, are available on the Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme pages or in person, free of charge, at the following locations:

Angus Council, Bruce House, Wellgate, Arbroath DD11 3TP

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am – 4.45pm

Wed 10am ˗ 4.45pm

Arbroath Library, Hill Terrace, Arbroath, DD11 1AH

Monday 10am-7pm

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-1pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Enquiries and comments can also be made to

For more information see Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme pages

National Recognition for Our Work on Fire Safety

DSC_0012Since 2011, we’ve installed sprinkler systems in all new-build council homes and now we’ve gained national recognition for it.

Strategic Director for Place, Alan McKeown, was presented with the Bernadette Hartley Memorial Award from the National Fire Sprinkler Network for his significant contribution to the cause for sprinklers. Alan was nominated for the accolade by The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association for his work in promoting the use of sprinkler systems and received the award from BAFSA Scottish Coordinator, Danny Doherty.

The presentation took place at Academy Court in Forfar (formerly Chapelpark School) which is the latest development to have a sprinkler system installed.

Alan’s commitment towards fire safety has helped to ensure that all of our new build council houses delivered in Angus since 2011 have been fitted with a sprinkler system as standard.

Danny Doherty and Alan McKeown


Alan said:

I’m very proud to have received this award as it reaffirms our determined belief that sprinkler systems should be fitted in new homes as standard.

Doing all we can to prevent fire will always be our first priority but, when they do occur, we want to minimise their effects and keep people safe. We and our Scottish Fire Service partners believe that sprinklers have a real practical and effective role to play in this safety agenda.

This award acknowledges the hard work and commitment of many people, past and present. I’ve been fortunate to have had Conveners such as the late Cllr Frank Ellis, Cllr Jim Millar and Cllr Donald Morrison who were unrelenting in their support of fire safety in the home. My present Convener, Cllr Craig Fotheringham remains as focused on the challenge as ever and as a Council we continue to set this as a priority.