Have Your Say on the Timmergreens of the Future

We’re calling on residents of the Timmergreens area in Arbroath to get involved in the conversation about how the neighbourhood will look for years to come.

The people of Timmergreens can influence the plans for the area and to hear what the community thinks, we will hold a key public consultation event next week.

Come along to:

Arbroath United Cricket Club

Keptie Road, Arbroath

on Thursday 5 July

from 3pm to 6pm 

Housing spokesman, Cllr Craig Fotheringham said:

I want as many people as possible who either live or have a stake in the Timmergreens area to come along and have their say. They can help to shape and influence the layout of the homes and environment, and how it can best work for them.

The project, which involves the demolition of 140 flats, was approved by our Communities Committee in August 2017. It is aimed at providing more modern properties, a better environment, and improving people’s overall quality of life. New homes will be built at Emislaw Drive, Spitalfield Place, Newton Avenue and Muirton Road.

The Timmergreens area was identified for regeneration (see our previous post) due to its higher than average numbers of low demand properties (which is characterised by a small waiting list, high numbers of empty houses, high refusal rate and low level of tenancy sustainment).

For more details see Angus Council news.


2 thoughts on “Have Your Say on the Timmergreens of the Future

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  2. From: derek christison
    Sent: 12 July 2018 09:32
    To: AffortableHousingTeam@angus.gov.uk; derek christison
    Subject: Concerns of Timmergreens housing project.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I recently attended the open day on the new regeneration of Timmergreens housing proposal at the Cricket Club on Thursday,We are very supportive of the new proposal for this very needed regeneration of the area, I did not receive notification of proposal but residents on other side of arbirlot road did so I contacted via the blog of our concerns on the proposals with good response from the team but since then have had no feedback and proposed plans sent to me so I could show the elderly residents who could not atttend,Several residents have visited the plans at the library which were very vague!!Our concerns are:

    On the proposed drawings there is no indication of the bus stop on arbirlot road located in the park mid way from house number 33 arbirlot road this was pointed out at the meeting and the person did not know there was a bus stop?? The drawing showed a proposed 3m path to be made right next to house number 33 which the resident there and the resident at number 36 disagrees with plan,Our suggestion to the planner at the meeting was to erect a path from the bus stop through to the new housing proposal,at present residents walk through the trees to there houses and would not walk 20 metres to the new proposed path.
    Is the bus stop going to remain?? as there are a very large old age residents who use this vital service.
    Tree,s being cut down in the park and outlook for residents.
    Position of the 2 house proposal in the park only several metres from house number 33 arbirlot road are they flats/ bungalow?? will this restrict views from adjacent houses both side and back elevations.
    Timeline of development,consultation process,duilding start date.
    Suggest for proposed plans given when building starts re-parking for residents and contractors impact for noise etc.
    Propose a meeting more dialogue with residents to ensure no mis communication re the issues.

    I hope that these points and concerns from residents are a benefit to the council to continue to make this regeneration for the area a success,

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Regards Derek Christison.


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