New lighting in Forfar Lordburn Park

The Lordburn Park in Forfar has a brighter new look with new solar lights installed. LRP Action Group, supported by the local community, started a petition to improve the park and their voices have been heard. The new lighting system makes the park safer and more accessible.

John Morrow, Service Leader (Housing), said:

This is a good example of joint working. Residents highlighted the issue after a community safety incident in the area. We want to ensure our tenants in Lordburn and other residents of Forfar can walk or cycle to work or shop, as that reduces traffic and carbon emissions, and also helps people to be healthier. This path is a main route from Lordburn and Restenneth to Forfar town centre, so it’s important that people can feel safe and secure, especially in the long winter evenings and early mornings. so we felt that the Housing Revenue Account should fund the work. However, rather than digging trenches for cabling and erecting traditional hard wired mains lights, Roads colleagues suggested Photovoltaic LED lights which dont need cabling. They operate on movement detectors so are on for short periods only. This saves energy, minimises light pollution, and also reduces disruption and damage to the park during installation. As there are no electricity costs, long term revenue costs are minimal. A small project, but one I hope that is will thought through, and will deliver a real practical benefit for residents.


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