Timmergreens Regeneration Update



We appreciate the feedback on the proposals and the comments received from local residents. We have worked with the design team and changed the plans from those initially publicised.  The plans for the Emislaw site have been submitted for planning approval.  The main changes to the proposals include:

  • The removal of one block of housing in the park area to the south of the site.
  • Re-routing the new pedestrian /cycle link to meet up with the bus stop on Arbirlot Road.
  •  Reviewing the space around the block at the north of the site to maximise distance between the gable elevations of the block and the existing adjacent properties.

As we advised in the previous post, the  feedback from local residents on the Emislaw Drive/Spitalfield Place site has helped to shape the final plans for the first site to be submitted for planning approval. The Emislaw site has now progressed and there is an application in for planning permission. The Emislaw proposals are available on our Planning website and residents have an opportunity to formally comment on these.

You can see the planning application for the Emislaw site online on our Planning website.


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