Tenancy Update – Message for Angus Council Tenants

We recently contacted all our tenants by letter or email to advise about the changes to Scottish Secure Tenancy rights made by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.

Succession and assignation rules will change in April 2019, so tenants need to make sure their household details are up to date now.

Tenants need to tell us if:

  • anyone has moved into their household but they haven’t yet told us
  • anyone has moved out of their home
  • anyone will be moving in or out of their home in the future

The main message is that if a tenant’s household has changed, they need to let us know to protect their tenancy, and the tenancy rights of other members of the household

Tenants can report any tenancy changes by using our Report a tenancy change online form.

You can view the message we sent to our tenants in this document.


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