Calling Residents of West Carnoustie – Get Involved with the Community Appraisal!

Our Communities Team is speaking to residents about setting up a residents’ group in  West Carnoustie (see the map below) and in this area.


Our Communities Officer, Mark Johnston, said:

There has been some interest shown in having a residents group in the West Carnoustie area to consider issues faced by residents and improve services available to people in the community.

We will support this and believe it is important that local people are able to have their say about the area where they live and the services provided.

Officers from the Carnoustie Locality Team (wearing Angus Council ID badges) will be in the area until Friday 14tDecember with a short survey to get local views.

They will be using the ‘Place Standard’ questionnaire which is designed to help us all identify good and not so good areas and focus resources where they are needed most.

If our staff members do not manage to call when you are in or if you would prefer to complete the questionnaire online in your own time please go to Place Standard online questionnaire .The data is automatically made anonymous so we only get your views and no identifying data is stored.

If you do not want us to come to your door or if you would like to arrange a time to meet with us or if you are interested in being part of a residents group or attending a meeting please let us know your contact details. All information gathered will treated confidentially, used solely for the purpose of the community consultation and will not be shared with any third parties.

Please contact us through the Communities Office  – Telephone: 01241 803598 or Email:

Following the completion of the survey we will be holding a feedback event to which interested people will be invited.  We will share the anonymised results of the survey with residents and, if appropriate, we will be able to give a community-based group support and advice to help them take any issues forward.


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