Making a Stand Against Domestic Abuse

We’re proud to support the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Make a Stand campaign to support victims of domestic abuse.


Our first step in this campaign was to appoint a champion to drive our activity in this area. We’re delighted to say that Councillors Craig Fotheringham and Lois Speed have both agreed to fulfil this role, as they understand how important this issue is. Our champions are pictured below at the launch of our work in this area.


Cllr Speed said:

I had absolutely no hesitation in signing the Make a Stand Pledge as unfortunately domestic abuse is a huge problem throughout the country, and sadly Angus is no exception. I’m very pleased that our Housing Team have taken such a robust response to help tackle these issues. I look forward to seeing greater awareness being raised, policy change come to fruition and further supports be made available. One incident in Angus is one too many and I hope that together we can all play our part in helping to protect and keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.

We’ll carry out further work over the next nine months to:

  • Devise and implement a policy to support victims of domestic abuse
  • Make sure information for victims of domestic abuse is readily available on our website and other public places
  • Make sure our staffing policies support people working for the Council who experience domestic abuse

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, you can call us in confidence on ACCESSLine 03452 777778. You can also contact Angus Women’s Aid on 01241 439437 or their national helpline on 0800 027 1234.








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