Discounted value affordable house for sale in Arbroath

If you want to own your own home, but are on a low income, here’s an opportunity that may interest you.

Discounted value affordable housing is available for sale on the Little Cairnie development in Arbroath

2 bed house

For discounted sale:   2 bedroomed house

Estimated completion date:   March 2019

The full details of the property are on Thorntons website

Applicants for discounted sale units must:

  • have household income lower than £28,739 (single person) or £43,928 (couple)
  • be normally resident, or employed, in Angus
  • have a demonstrable housing need

Our Housing Developments Website gives more details about this project.


2 thoughts on “Discounted value affordable house for sale in Arbroath

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is going to be any 3 bedroom houses to buy. I need a 3 bedroom , im single and on a lower wage than the amount you have stayed. Thankyou Lesley


    • Hi Lesley. Sorry there are no developments where developers are offering 3 bedroomed discounted units for sale at present. If there are any in future, we’ll post it on the Blog. Regards, Gary


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