Engagement Plans for 2019/20 – How We Will Work with the Scottish Housing Regulator

Engagement plan

As part of the changes introduced by the new Regulatory Framework, the Scottish Housing Regulator recently published an annual  engagement plan for every Scottish social landlord.

The purpose of the annual engagement plans is to lay out:

  • the information the Regulator wants from the landlord
  • what the landlord needs to do
  • how the Regulator will engage with the landlord
  • why the Regulator is engaging, particularly if the landlord hasn’t met its regulatory requirements
  • the Regulator’s member of staff who is the main contact for engaging with the landlord

The Regulator has a strong focus on how the social landlords deliver services for people who are or may become homeless. This is the main point of its engagement with local authorities including our own landlord services.

We need to provide the Regulator with the information related to our homelessness service. You can see full details of our Engagement Plan on the Scottish Housing Regulator website. You can find all Scottish social  landlords’ Engagement Plans here.



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