Calling All Angus Council Tenants! Please give us your opinion about repairs reporting.

repiars flow chart

We are trying to make our Repairs service easier for tenants. We’d like to hear from tenants about your individual experience of reporting repairs so we can provide the best possible repairs service.

We’re inviting tenants to have a look at the Home repairs process, to see how it looks.

Please add any comments (use “Leave a Comment” option above) or contact us at if you would like to to discuss this in greater detail or have a paper copy of the process sent out to you.

Please give us your opinions to help us to improve our services.


4 thoughts on “Calling All Angus Council Tenants! Please give us your opinion about repairs reporting.

  1. The present process is long-winded and takes to long. If the job needs a pre-inspection this sometimes can take a while. Tenants need a simple and effective means of repairs being done quickly and efficiently.


  2. Have never really experienced an issue with reporting a fault. When we have reported a fault it has always been sorted very quickly.


  3. still waiting to have the mess painters made of painting my windows two years ago rectified since they chose not to rub them down and remove flaking paint resulting in the paint flaking off and leaving bare rotten wood, was inspected several times again they came and touched up flaking bits still never rubbed them down so still a mess inspected again and emails said they would come last year and sort them out never came, so clearly reporting and inspection doesn’t result in job being done. was more paint on glass than on wood which I removed myself after taking pictures and reporting that too. It took four visits of inspection then a plan but never followed it through . just a mess and supposed to be houses your proud to call home .


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