Support for Home Owners in Danger of Losing Their Homes

The Home Owners Support Fund is a government initiative to help home owners who are at risk of losing their home.


Run by the Scottish Government, the Home Owners Support Fund is made up of two schemes:

  • Mortgage to Shared Equity

The fund helps home owners who can no longer afford their mortgages. The Scottish Government buys a stake in your property (up to 30%) so you can reduce your secured loan. You’ll still own and have responsibility for maintaining and insuring your home.

  • Mortgage to Rent

If you are in danger of having your home repossessed, the Scottish Government’s mortgage to rent scheme could allow you to remain in your home as a tenant.The scheme allows a social landlord (housing association or local council) to buy your home. You’ll continue to live there as a tenant.

For further information see the Scottish Government’s website  and the Information Booklet

If this applies to you, you should discuss your situation with both your lender and an independent money adviser before you apply for the scheme.


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