Improving Below Tolerable Standard Properties in Angus

We have developed a Below Tolerable Standard (BTS) strategy to help improve the condition of properties in Angus. The strategy is part of the current Local Housing Strategy 2017-22

The Tolerable Standard is the basic level of repair a property must meet to make it fit for a person to live in. The basic level of repair is measured against 12 criteria and failure against any of these makes a property below the tolerable standard. A property that falls below the tolerable standard is not acceptable as living accommodation.

By implementing our strategy we want to:

  • Raise awareness of, identify and address poor housing
  • Gather localised data relating to BTS housing characteristics
  • Reduce the number of homes that are below the tolerable standard
  • Prevent more homes from falling below the tolerable standard by encouraging homeowners to repair, maintain and improve their homes

If you are aware of a property that you believe to be below the tolerable standard and if, after the owner/landlord has been notified of the problem:

  • it is not attended to satisfactorily, or
  • if there is disagreement about whether there is a problem

please contact our Environmental Health Team. You can report your concerns using our General Enquiry Form

For more information see our website.





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