Angus Tenant & Community Engagement Strategy 2019-2022


On Thursday our committee approved our newest tenant participation strategy, which will now be known as the Angus Tenant and Community Engagement Strategy. This strategy has been written in conjunction with our Angus Tenant Steering Group, who were involved in the whole process. Our strategy sets out clearly how we plan to support tenants to make a difference wherever they live, improving services and ensuring tenants have a voice in how housing services are delivered.

Tenant participation is a two way process and we need people to become involved to drive forward improvements in services and share ideas and information to influence decision-making in the housing services we deliver. We are focussed on the needs of all our customers and we have tried to show this throughout our new strategy, looking a different ways of getting people involved in a way that suits them.

In the past, tenant participation has been interpreted as something a tenant has to go to  become involved. This is no longer the case and we have looked at many difference ways for tenants to become involved. These are new ways of working and will take time to establish but we have the basis of making tenant participation fully integrated into our day to day services, not something we do as an extra.

Our strategy covers a three year period, which includes a live action plan which we will monitor, review and update with tenants throughout its lifetime to ensure we meet all the priorities highlighted in this new strategy.

See the full strategy document here.

If you wish to become involved in a way that suits you, please contact us at or contact any of our locality offices in:-

Arbroath Carnoustie, Monifieth & Sidlaw

Forfar & Kirriemuir

Brechin & Montrose

By calling ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778


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