Green-Fingered Montrose Residents Transform Overgrown Garden Area

A group of residents in Traill Terrace, Montrose  contacted with their local housing officer to find out how to go about bringing an overgrown untidy area at the back of their flats back into use. The area had become significantly overgrown and residents did not have the necessary tools to tackle the job on their own.

Bill Takhar, Housing Officer, contacted Sandra Livingston, Communities Officer and they arranged a meeting with the residents to discuss what might be done. Everyone put their heads together and came up with 2 plans: 

 Plan A – Sandra would seek assistance from the Community Payback Officer to start the ball rolling with a clean-up of the area and residents made a firm commitment to keeping the area tidy and,

Plan B – if the Community Payback Officer couldn’t help, residents would do the clean-up with support from Bill who help residents get the waste to the recycling centre by bringing in the Community Housing Assistants and their van.

The Community Payback team were unable to help, but the residents carried out Plan B. The clean-up of the area went ahead and residents are very pleased at the results of their efforts and are committed to keeping the area tidy in future. A small community vegetable plot has also taken root! The before and after pictures tell a great story.







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