Rent Setting Survey results for 2020/21

Our Rent Setting Survey was carried out earlier this year, where we asked tenants to vote for the level of rent increase they would support for 2020/21. Option 1 (3.1%) received the most votes and this will be proposed to Communities Committee in February 2020. One disappointing feature of this year’s vote was the low response – only 88 tenants. We would hope that in future tenants would appreciate the importance of this survey, since it directly affects the level of rent being paid by Council tenants.

The survey results were as follows:

  • Option 1 (3.1%): 61 votes 69.32%
  • Option 2 (3.2%): 13 votes 14.77%
  • Option 3 (3.3%): 14 votes 15.91%






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