Join ‘The Hub Armchair Group’ and give your views on homelessness and housing options issues

Armchair group snip

Tayside Fife and Central Housing Options Hub is looking for volunteers for an armchair group. Can you help?

The HUB is part of a national network set up by the Scottish Government in 2010. The main aim of the Hubs has been to support the development of local Housing Options to improve outcomes for people with housing needs.

An armchair group gathers people who are interested in giving their views about the way services are delivered without the need to attend meetings.

The group will be asked for their views on housing options and homelessness issues including service standards, temporary accommodation, priorities for people using services and staff training.

Become a member of the Hub Armchair Group and give your view

on housing options and Homelessness issues in Angus.


For more details see the  Armchair Information Leaflet


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