Urgent: Calling Private Landlords in Arbroath

We are currently having difficulty finding accommodation for people with urgent housing needs in Arbroath.

If you have any accommodation that you could let now, please contact houarbroathcht@angus.gov.uk

Any accommodation will be considered, although 1 bedroomed accommodation is most in need.

Benefits for landlords:

  • Avoid property sitting empty / rent loss
  • We will assess the suitability of potential tenants, including financial assessment
  • We can support the tenant to access a rent deposit
  • Information and advice available about landlord’s rights and responsibilities and other aspects of private sector tenancy legislation
  • Support, advice and assistance to resolve any disputes that may arise
  • Support for tenants by helping them to sustain their tenancies including, budgeting, paying bills and connections to utilities

We wanted to thank all the private landlords who have contacted us over the last week to help us support people with urgent housing need into private rented tenancies.


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