Help Us Tackle Antisocial Behaviour

Since the start of April, we’ve received increasing numbers of anonymous complaints about antisocial behaviour.

While we understand that people might be reluctant to give us their contact details, we would like to reassure everyone that we don’t pass on names or contact details to the person you’re complaining about, if you ask us not to. By giving your contact details, it helps us investigate the issue and we’re more likely to be able to resolve the problems you’re experiencing. In most cases, when we receive an anonymous complaint, we try and contact neighbours, so you may well speak to an investigating officer, who will ask if you’re experiencing antisocial behaviour, regardless of whether you give us your contact details now

For more information about antisocial behaviour and what we can do to help, see our webpage.

If you want to report antisocial behaviour, please use our online form or call ACCESSLine 03452 777778 in confidence.


2 thoughts on “Help Us Tackle Antisocial Behaviour

  1. If you really want to “Tackle Antisocial Behaviour” the first thing your news letter should state in para 2, 1st sentence, “we will not disclose your name to your antisocial neighbour unless we receive in writing your express permission that we may so do.” In other words “you” accept “responsibility for non disclosure” whereas your news letter places the onus on the complainee to tell you not too. “wow big surprise that you get so many anonymous complains with this as a policy” Think!!  

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    • Thanks for your response. When someone speaks to one of our Community Investigation Officers, whether or not we disclose information to the person being complained about will always be part of that discussion and to protect the complainer’s identity we do not disclose their details to their neighbour unless they have agreed we can.

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