More one-bedroom homes for Arbroath

Building is underway at our new housing development in Mayfield Terrace, Arbroath,which will have 14 one-bedroom flats for affordable rent.

The new flats will help to meet rising demand for one bedroom properties in Arbroath and Angus and forms the missing piece of the jigsaw in Arbroath’s Cliffburn area which has undergone comprehensive regeneration in recent years.

Seven brand new ground floor properties will provide specialist housing for older or disabled residents. This will help to deliver on our Local Housing Strategy commitment of 20% of new-build affordable housing for households with particular needs.

Our Convener of Communities, Cllr Mark Salmond said: “I am delighted that we are building these much-needed flats in Arbroath. They represent the culmination of widescale improvements delivered by the Council to revitalise the Cliffburn area.

“I’m especially pleased that half of these sought after flats will be suitable for people with particular needs. The demand for one-bedroom affordable homes continues to grow, so it is important that we make suitable provision for people who not only need smaller properties, but who may also have mobility challenges.”

The £2m development is funded by our Housing Revenue Account with a contribution from the Scottish Government through their Affordable Housing Supply Programme.

CHAP Construction is building our new flats, with anticipated completion by the end of 2021.

Projected Aerial views:


2 thoughts on “More one-bedroom homes for Arbroath

  1. When will 3 bedrooms bungalows/ houses for people with needs for wheelchair/mobility be thought of. Waiting for news of a house and not heard anything.
    When attempting to sign innon new bid house process come up as nothing to show


    • Julie – Increasing the availability of housing suitable for people with disabilities is a priority for us and our housing association partners. We have a target for 10% of all new affordable housing to be built to wheelchair standard and another 10% for other particular needs like accessible or supported housing. When we are deciding on the size of properties needed on each site we take into account the needs of people already on the housing register. Of course, new build properties only make up a smaller number of our new lets each year and we also have adapted housing within our existing stock. Adapted properties will not be advertised on Angus Homefinder and applicants requiring this type of housing will be placed in the ‘match’ category. You can check this by visiting . Properties are available on the site now, and new properties will be added each Friday. Hope this helps.


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