Keeping a steady hand on the SHIP’s tiller

Our Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) for the next five years was approved by Councillors yesterday.

The SHIP prioritises investment in new affordable housing across Angus, ensuring that we continue to meet the demand for good quality affordable homes.

Through the SHIP, it is estimated that around 550 homes could be built between now and 2026, by us l and our housing association partners, working with the local construction sector and bringing much needed investment to Angus. This requires a subsidy of around £31M from the Scottish Government’s Affordable Housing Supply Programme.

COVID-19 restrictions have severely impacted the construction sector but, despite this, we and our and our partners are determinedly continuing to deliver a full programme of new affordable housing in Angus.

250 of the new homes will be built by us as part of our ambitious five years new build programme. Funding of around £37m has been allocated from the Housing Capital Expenditure Plan 2019/24 to achieve this. This forward investment brings much needed certainty for the construction industry, which is crucial in supporting employment opportunities.

Our Communities Convenor, Cllr Mark Salmond said: “As we start the year with further pandemic restrictions, we are now more acutely aware than ever of the need for everyone in Angus to have access to good quality, affordable housing. I’m delighted that our SHIP continues to make a significant positive impact on the lives of people in Angus – it helps the economy; it helps to maintain jobs; it helps people to have safe and secure homes that are affordable; and it helps create places that people are proud to call home.”


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