Satisfaction with Housing Services Increasing

Our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey was the subject of a recent report to our Communities Committee. This year, we asked Research Resource to carry out our survey. Having an external company doing the survey makes sure we don’t influence was tenants want to tell us, and allows tenants to be completely honest with their views. This time, because of the COVID pandemic, we were unable to have face-to-face surveys, so it was all done by telephone, and over 1000 tenants took part. We thank all the tenants who gave up their time to give us their views.

Here are some of the results – the latest results are in orange:

Satisfaction with the overall Housing service increased by 7%.

Satisfaction with how we keep tenants informed about our services increased by 5%.

Satisfaction with opportunities to participate in shaping housing services rose by 35% and we think the work done involving tenants in the Tenant and Community Participation Strategy was recognised as positive.

Satisfaction with the quality of tenants’ homes increased by 6%.

Satisfaction with the management of estates increased by 11%.

The proportion of tenants who feel their rent is value for money increased by 5%.

So we can see that satisfaction increased in all aspects of the housing service and we are now performing better than the Scottish average in all areas. Our challenge now, is to maintain that and increase it further!

Mark Salmond, Communities Convener said 

We thank all our tenants who took time to give us their views. We fully recognise just how important it is to hear the opinions of those people with first-hand experience of paying for and receiving our services.
“It is good to know that, with that experience, the vast majority believe that we provide good value for money. The survey clearly demonstrates that we are going in the right direction, but we must not rest on our laurels, as there are still areas where we can do better. Our team will continue working hard to deliver further improvements in the years ahead.

Tom O’Brien of our Tenant Steering Group said 

These results are good news. I’m particularly impressed by the dramatic improvement in the level of satisfaction tenants have with opportunities to participate in the landlord’s decision-making processes. This has risen from 59% last time, to 94%. I think that underlines the success of the customer engagement strategy. There are areas that still need work, and these will be addressed going forward.


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