Bringing empty homes back to life in Angus

We are launching a £100,000 campaign to turn empty properties into homes where people want to live.

The Empty Homes Grant Fund will help owners of empty homes bring long-term unoccupied properties back into residential use.

There are an estimated 47,000 long-term empty properties in Scotland, with around 1200
of those in Angus, where demand is high for affordable housing.

Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond said:

We are determined to increase the supply and availability of affordable housing for individual people and families in Angus. Building affordable homes that people are proud to call home is one way we can and do achieve this. But we must not ignore the 1200 or so empty properties that, with our support, can provide vital housing for those in need of a home. An empty home can have a negative impact on a neighbourhood and so this is money well spent – not just in support of people and families, but for our communities too. By reducing the number of empty homes in Angus, we make our communities better, more attractive and vibrant places to live.

Owners of an empty property that has lain empty for at least six months could benefit from the fund, which launches on Monday 1 February.

Grants will be awarded, on a discretionary basis, for property types where we consider there is a demonstrable need for housing. Grant subsidy is limited to a maximum of £7,500 per bedroom for necessary improvements to bring properties up to a standard that is fit to live in.

On completion of the project, successful applicants must rent the property out as affordable housing for a minimum period of five years. By receiving the grant, owners are also committing to rent their property to a person who is working with the housing service to explore their housing options.

The Scottish Empty Homes Partnership encourages action to bring Scotland’s privately-owned long-term empty homes back into residential use. The launch of our Empty Homes Grant Fund was welcomed by Shaheena Din, National Project Manager, Scottish Empty Homes Partnership, who said:

We are delighted that Angus Council is launching an empty homes grant fund. The reasons that homes lie empty for long periods are often complex, for example owners who inherit properties without the means to renovate them to letting standard. This initiative will provide access to much-needed funds to bring properties back to habitable standards, meaning more available housing in Angus and the benefits to local communities and economy that result from the transformation of empty homes.

For more information on the fund, go to our dedicated Empty Homes webpage, or email to declare an interest.

See our Empty Homes Grand Video:


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