Rents to Rise by 2% but Remain Amongst the Lowest in Scotland

Our Communities Committee today approved a 2% rent increase for our tenants, so that the we can continue to invest in existing homes, as well as build new affordable housing for Angus.

In the consultation with all tenants, three rent increase options were proposed by the Tenants Steering Group, and a majority of tenants who responded supported the 2% option. This will increase the average weekly rent to £72.28 per week and mean that our rents will remain as some of the most affordable in the country.

Our Communities Convenor, Cllr Mark Salmond said, “The importance of having good quality affordable homes has been brought into sharp focus in the last year by the COVID-19 emergency. We have all spent much longer periods in our homes than usual, so the improvements delivered in recent years through our Housing Capital Programme have helped mitigate some of the negative aspects. This rent increase helps us achieve a balance between maintaining rents at an affordable level, whilst also being able to continue significant investment in stock improvements and continue increasing new supply housing. And although our customer satisfaction ratings strongly indicate that our tenants agree with this approach, unfortunately we know that some of our householders still struggle with fuel bills.”

This is why our particular priority going forward is on improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock still further, not only so that we can achieve zero carbon targets, and help address the climate emergency, but so that we can combat fuel poverty and child poverty. If tenants do need help with household finances, they shouldn’t hesitate to seek Energy Advice and Welfare Rights support, both of which are available.

Energy Advice

This service is provided by the SCARF’s Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT)

Advisors can identify ways to make your home more energy efficient as well as assess your home for damp and condensation problems. They also provide general energy saving advice that can have you saving energy and money in no time

Welfare Rights

Our Welfare Rights support contact details:

  • Telephone: 03452 777 778
  • Website
  • SMS: text Angus to 60040 (standard SMS charge applies)



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