Free family conflicts resolution training opportunity

FREE PARENT/CARER ‘Family Conflict Triggers’ training opportunity!

When: Tuesday 16 March 2021 (12:00-12:40)

Are you a parent or carer? ‘Family Conflict Triggers’ explores those little things that can escalate and cause conflict, and how to manage these. Following the session, you will be able to:

Recognise these (daily) triggers that have the potential to escalate within a family context, so you can address them more effectively or seek appropriate support

To register your FREE place, please use the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution website

FREE YOUNG PEOPLE (16-25) ‘Anxious and Afraid’ training opportunity!

When: Thursday 18 March 2021 (12:00-12:40)

Are you a young person aged 16-25? Looking to learn more about conflict resolution? ‘Anxious and Afraid’ explores anxiety and stress. Following the session, you will be able to:

1.    Relate to the emotional state of being anxious and afraid

2.    Explore some of the science behind this state to improve individual wellbeing

To register your FREE place click here

Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR) is a national resource centre promoting and supporting best practices in mediation, family conflict resolution and early intervention. Through our free events and resources, the SCCR aims to encourage young people, their families and organisations to develop conflict resolution skills to improve both relationships and life chances and ultimately reduce youth homelessness. We have created a series of conflict resolution training based on our normal face-to-face training but adapted for an online event. Each session is about 40 minutes long.

Sessions will be delivered on the online platform Zoom, by the SCCR trainer. If you book on to the session you will be sent the details on how to join nearer the time to the event when bookings have closed and a full PDF document with all the information you need to know will be emailed to you. This session is at an introductory level and no prior knowledge of the subject is required.

Angus Council also operates a mediation and conflict resolution service in partnership with Relationships Scotland. The service aims to prevent one or more members of a family from becoming homeless as a result of the conflict. It is open to all Angus residents and is free of charge. Referrals to the service can be used by following the Mediation and conflict resolution service website.


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