Suicide Prevention Campaign in Angus

Are you having difficulties in your life? Are there things you are struggling to cope with?

Angus Penumbra can offer support with your mental health and wellbeing.

Contact their suicide prevention and support service on 0800 135 7899 or email: or visit


One thought on “Suicide Prevention Campaign in Angus

  1. I have been suicidal from time to time. Have faith that things will work out in the end, because they always do. One thing that prevented me from doing it was the thought that I would be reincarnated and have to go through it all again and maybe this life was my 100th attempt. I believe that’s one Jewish viewpoint, that you come back again, still with a depressed nature. It’s not worth it. Stick with this life and you’ll be glad that you did, as I am.


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