Retirement housing in Ferryden

We have some retirement housing available to rent in the Southesk Court complex in Ferryden.

Ferryden is a quaint and quiet fishing community just on the outskirts of Montrose.  There are bus links to local services, the town centre and further afield, throughout Angus, and beyond!

The properties available are one-bedroom apartments, they come with modern kitchens, gas heating (cost of which is incorporated into the rent and service charges) and level access shower, as well as a communal laundry facility.  There is also a communal lounge (re-opening soon, currently closed to comply with COVID restrictions). Retirement housing is recommended for those over 60 years of age, although consideration is given to younger ages.

If you think this type of accommodation suits your needs, or that of a family member, please get in touch with our Montrose and Brechin Community Housing Team:

Photos of Southesk Court:


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