Mediation and Conflict Resolution Service

Not getting on with your parents, partner, or family members? Then, our family Mediation and Conflict Resolution service may be able to help.

The service is a partnership between us and Relationships Scotland, who can provide a range of support to people to prevent a relationship breaking down. Even if leaving the family home isn’t preventable, the service can help support a planned move to other accommodation. The service can also work with people to help to rebuild relationships with family members, which may help them to return home.

The service will work with you and your family, to make practical, workable arrangements for the future, which everyone can agree. It will treat you with respect, go at your pace, and keep things confidential. They’ll take into account the views, needs and feelings of everyone involved; including you.

Whether it’s you or someone you care about who’s struggling with conflict in their family, please get in touch. People can self-refer using the Mediation and Conflict Resolution service website.

The service can support anyone in Angus, regardless of whether you live in an Angus Council tenancy or not.


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