Changes to the Law on Fire and Smoke Alarms

The Scottish Government has updated the law on fire and smoke alarms.  A new standard will come into effect by February 2022.

From then, all homeowners will have to have interlinked alarms. These alarms significantly reduce casualties by alerting everybody in a property to a fire. Most homes will also need a carbon monoxide alarm.

All homes will have to have one smoke alarm in the most frequently used room (most commonly the living room), one in every circulation space on each storey (ie hallway and landings), and a heat alarm in the kitchen.  Alarms should be ceiling mounted, interlinked and mains operated.  Where there is a carbon-fuelled appliance (such as a boiler, a fire, an open fire) or a flue, a carbon monoxide detector is also required which does not need to be linked to the fire alarms.

We are currently carrying out fire and smoke alarm upgrades to our properties.  If your home is included in the upgrade contract, you will have received a letter from us advising of these works, which are mandatory, to comply with the new legislation.  Please be aware that the contractors are starting to get in touch with our tenants to advise of appointment dates for works. 

We appreciate your co-operation at this time and hope you find this information useful, but if you have any queries about this post, please contact us by emailing


2 thoughts on “Changes to the Law on Fire and Smoke Alarms

    • Hi Elizabeth – this depends on whether you own your own home or not – if you are a tenant, your landlord should do this work; if you own your own home, you will have to pay for the installation. I hope this clears things up for you.




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