Delays to Heating Upgrades at Andy Stewart Court, Cliffview Court, Balmain Court, Murray Court, Springfield and St Drostans Court

We are currently carrying out electric heating upgrades at Andy Stewart Court and Cliffview Court, Arbroath, Balmain Court and Murray Court, Montrose, Springfield, Forfar and St Drostans Court, Brechin.

Our Contractor has advised of a further delay in the supply of the heaters required to carry out the heating upgrade and anticipates that they will be unable to restart any electric heating installations before January 2022. This is due to global supply chains remaining severely stretched because of the worldwide pandemic and many other impacts.

We apologise for the delay, and appreciate your co-operation at this time and hope you find this information useful, but if you have any queries about this post, please contact us by emailing


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