Keeping you safe and your property secure after dark

“After Dark” is a national Police Scotland campaign, supported by the local policing division. This initiative is encouraging members of the community to consider their home security due to the longer hours of darkness as the clocks go back.  Long periods of darkness provide potential cover for criminal activity. Criminals are largely opportunistic and favour targeting poorly lit, dark and insecure properties.

Key messages are:

A house that looks unoccupied is a target for criminals.

• Keep windows and doors locked

• Secure sheds and garages

• Fit/check outside security lighting

• Fit a shed alarm

• Fit an intruder alarm – if you have one set it

• Fit coach bolts/anti tamper screws

• Record/security mark valuable property

• Consider a garage defender

• Use timer switches on lights

• Secure bicycles to a ground anchor

• Consider a TV simulator

For more information see the Housebreaking Advice leaflet :


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