Angus Homefinder – Support for housing applicants

Here’s some guidance for making the best of our Angus Homefinder service.

You should keep your housing circumstances up-to-date, check what’s available each week and place bids on all properties you are interested in. As this is all done online, some applicants will find this difficult but we have support available to help.

If you have family or friends, you could ask them to help you apply or bid, or you can nominate someone to deal with your application or bid on your behalf. Before providing information about a nominated representative, relative or carer you must have their permission to do so.

You can also get support at your local library or by calling ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 and asking for the Angus HomeFinder Team.


We understand that some applicants will have difficulties bidding because they do not have internet access or they have other vulnerabilities. Our allocations policy states that in some circumstances where you are unable to access the bidding system, we can automatically place bids on your behalf using an Autobid function.

Please remember, if you refuse 2 offers of housing, we will suspend your application for 6 months, which means you would be unable to place bids. If you need further information about Autobid, please discuss with your Housing Officer or our Angus HomeFinder Team.


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