Council Housing Bathroom Programme Paused from January 2022

You may be aware from recent press articles, that we’ve paused our bathroom replacement programme, as we’ve decided not to extend the current two-year contract.

We had concerns about how quickly the programme was progressing from early in the contract, as well as about other aspects beyond our control.  Our Officers gave support to the contractor over and above what was required in the contract, to try to improve the situation for tenants.

After much consideration, we decided to terminate the contract in December 2021, as the situation had not improved, and the contract was not providing best value for tenants.

In the two-year period, the contractor delivered 657 of the required 1344 replacements (this number includes the 260 void properties we made available to the bathroom contractor to aid safe continued working in a COVID environment.)

We want to provide our tenants with peace of mind that the bathroom works will continue in the summer once we’ve appointed a new contractor. These works will target the remaining properties in the Brechin area which should have been addressed in the ended contract. We’ll be contacting (by letter) any tenants who had previously been told they would get a bathroom replacement with an update on timescales in the coming weeks.

Our kitchen replacement contract which was on site last year completed satisfactorily in December 2021 with 557 kitchens upgraded. We don’t currently have plans for a further large-scale kitchen replacement contract, as only around 50 kitchens per year will be needed to maintain our properties. We’re putting arrangements in place to achieve this.

If you have any issues with your recent kitchen and bathroom installations please contact us so that we can deal with these. You can contact us:

By phone at ACCESSLine – 03452 777778

By email at


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