Information about Angus Homefinder – Starters and Movers

When we process your application on Angus Homefinder, we will tell you if you are a Starter or Mover based on what you tell us.

When we advertise properties they will be advertised to Starters or Movers or both. To make the best and fairest use of our housing, the following guidelines will generally apply:

  • Properties with two or fewer bedrooms will be advertised as 65% to starters and 35% to movers;
  • Properties with three or more bedrooms will be advertised for both starters and movers;
  • Ground floor, barrier-free properties will be advertised for both starters and movers, regardless of size;
  • Sheltered / Retirement / Amenity and Adapted or Adaptable Housing will be advertised for starters and movers

If you place a bid on a property that doesn’t match your category you will get the following message and the bid will not be accepted.


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