Angus Homefinder – Understanding Household Types – Bid or Match

When we process your application, we will tell you whether your household type is BID or MATCH. This lets you know whether you can bid on properties or will be matched to a property.

Applicants who need supported or fully adapted housing will be MATCH applicants and will be matched to a property without the need to bid.

Applications from people in an institution (e.g. hospital, prison or care facility), who cannot bid will be matched to suitable accommodation when this becomes available.

We know that our allocation policy doesn’t cover everyone’s circumstances. The policy allows for exceptional circumstances and discretion to be applied where you need to move or be housed urgently. In some cases, you may be matched to a property if we need to offer you housing quickly and a suitable property becomes available.

All other applicants are BID applicants and will have to bid for available properties.


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