Affordable Housing for Sale – Shared Equity Scheme at Sunnyside Estate, Montrose

We’re now accepting applications for our Shared Equity Scheme at Sunnyside Estate, Montrose.

To qualify, you would need a deposit and mortgage for at least 60% equity share advertised at £132,000.

We have 2 three-bedroom houses (Tiree style) to buy under the Scottish Government’s New Supply Shared Equity Scheme in the former Sunnyside Royal Hospital and its grounds:

The Tiree specification Download

More details on the specification of the properties can be found on the Sunnyside Estate website.

Please note that any incentives listed on the Sunnyside webpage are not available in conjunction with the purchase of a shared-equity home.

How to apply

For further updates check our Developments Website.

If you are interested in this scheme, we advise you to seek independent financial advice about gaining a mortgage promptly, as this will be a requirement of the scheme. Further requirements of the scheme can be found on the Scottish Government website and we would advise familiarising yourself before contacting us.

Qualifying criteria

  • First time buyer, unless you are an older person (over 60) downsizing or you have experienced a significant change of circumstances e.g relationship breakdown.
  • Earning no more than £29,799 per annum (single income) and £44,146 per annum (joint income)
  • Resident in Angus
  • You can normally only purchase a property one apartment size larger than you need (These properties are three-bedroomed so we would look for applicants to need two or three bedrooms)

For further information please contact:


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