Young People – the Rock Trust Wants to Know What You Think About the Proposed Prevention of Homelessness Duties – Win a £50 Voucher

The Scottish Government is thinking about introducing a new law on the prevention of homelessness duties and the Rock Trust would like to get young people’s views about it.

They believe this new law will be better at helping people earlier, so they do not become homeless.

It’s the idea that preventing homelessness and helping those at risk of homelessness, should be a shared responsibility – that all of us have a duty to ensure it doesn’t happen, by picking up on signs or issues as early as possible before someone actually becomes homeless. This could be teachers, council staff, doctors and nurses, police, social workers and others.

This is called ‘Prevention of Homelessness Duties’

The Rock Trust wants to hear what you think because you have experience of this, and that experience, while difficult, is important.

To complete the survey, please use the survey monkey link

At the end of the survey, there is an opportunity to enter a free prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher.


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