Climate Change and Your Home – Social Housing Tenants Survey

Scotland’s Housing Network and the Tenants Information Service (TIS) are doing a survey of social housing tenants across Scotland to help understand tenants’ views and attitudes towards climate change.

The Scottish Government recently published Housing to 2040 which sets out their vision for housing in Scotland over the next twenty years. As part of this, they have committed to adapt existing homes to make them more environmentally friendly. An important part of Housing to 2040 is also to reduce climate change by decarbonising heating systems. This means moving away from gas heating systems and using more energy efficient options, such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Meeting these aims is a big task and social landlords will need to invest a large amount of time and money. This is why they need your help, as a social-rented tenant, to plan how to manage the improvements needed to people’s homes, especially as this will involve carefully assessing the impact that these changes could have on rent levels.

Completing this survey will also help social landlords across Scotland understand what tenants and residents views on climate change are and what they would like to know more about. This will help us to develop a communication strategy that can be used across the social housing sector.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. As a thank you for taking the time to do so, you will be able to enter a prize draw to win £50 of high street vouchers at the end of the survey. 

QR code for Climate Change and you Home survey:


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