A Message for Ukrainian People and Hosts in Angus

Like all Local Authorities across Scotland, we are working closely with the UK and Scottish Governments to support refugees coming from Ukraine. At the moment, we’re still finalising the detail of these arrangements.

However, if you have arrived from Ukraine through the UK or Scottish sponsor schemes, and need help, or if you are a host sponsor providing accommodation, and your guests from Ukraine need help, please contact our ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778. We can then work out what type of support you need, and direct you to the appropriate help, such as benefits advice, information on schools, getting medical assistance, or emergency cash payments to help with short term essential living expenses. Please be aware that visa checks will be required.

If you are a host sponsor waiting to receive the £350 monthly payment, we will arrange this once we’ve done the required disclosure and property checks. We will arrange these checks once we have confirmation of your details from the Scottish or UK Government authority supporting this process. Thank you for your patience as we set up these arrangements


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