Completion of £2-million Cliffburn housing regeneration project 

The £2-million council housing development at Mayfield Terrace, Arbroath is now complete and will help to meet demand for one-bedroom properties in the town.

This is great news for the area as it revitalises a once empty site that was created when old low demand flats were cleared away several years ago as a key part of the Cliffburn regeneration.

These 14 new one bedroom homes make a very welcome addition to our housing stock and will go some way to meeting the current high demand on the Arbroath common housing register, where one bedroom properties account for 67% of all applications.

The new homes are being allocated through our choice-based lettings system, which allows applicants to bid on their preferred properties. They are then allocated based on need.

These brand new homes are built to an exacting specification, which includes very high levels of energy efficiency to minimise fuel bills for our tenants and help combat the cost of living crisis.

Our Communities Convener Mark McDonald, who visited the project today, said:

“It has been great to finally see this new development. There’s no doubt the new homes will help to improve the lives of all those who are being offered a place to live here. Our focus is to deliver high quality homes and spaces for our citizens.  This excellent development is another fantastic example of this approach and I’d like to thank all of those involved in getting us to this stage.”

This £2m investment at Cliffburn, which has been delivered over the challenging period of the pandemic, has been funded by Angus Council and the Scottish Government through its Affordable Housing Supply Programme.

These new homes are a part of our Strategic Housing Investment Plan that aims to deliver up to 775 new affordable units over five years.

Pictured – Back (left to right) – Euan McCallum, Team Leader – Housing Project, Assets; Cllr Lois Speed; John Morrow, Service Leader, Housing.

Front (left to right) – Cllr Mark McDonald, Communities Convener; Cllr Brenda Durno; Alison Smith, Director of Vibrant Communities and Sustainable Growth; Gordon Nicol, Manager, Community Housing – Arbroath; Andrea Wilson, Manager – Housing Assets; Natalie Salkilld, Housing Officer – Community Housing.

New affordable homes at Timmergreens in Arbroath

The completion of 38 new council homes for rent at Arbroath’s Emislaw Drive concludes the second phase of our Timmergreens regeneration project in Arbroath – providing affordable housing in re-designed spaces that people can be proud to call home.

As a part of this transformative project, contractor CCG (Scotland) Ltd has built in-demand affordable homes for families and single residents, with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties, including accommodation suitable for older disabled tenants.

Breathing new life into the area, the development replaces unattractive low demand flats and garages with a much more pleasing pedestrian-friendly environment. It complements our investment in the nearby refurbished Timmergreens Primary School, providing new safe Active Travel routes to the school, as well as improvements to the park and a new play area.

A number of tenants have already moved into their new homes and say they are delighted with the high-quality accommodation they now enjoy, which is energy-efficient and takes advantage of solar power to help minimise energy costs. 

Our Communities and Finance Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond, who visited the project today, said: “This is another example of Angus Council delivering high quality homes and spaces for our citizens.

“We are focused on providing modern, energy efficient homes that are affordable for our tenants to run. This is particularly important at the moment when we see increases in the cost of living putting pressure on household incomes. We also pay close attention to creating well designed green spaces around our homes that encourage people to walk and cycle safely, as we know how important that is for physical health and mental wellbeing.”

The Scottish Government provided additional grant funding for the project and the new properties will be managed by our Arbroath Community Housing Team.

CCG Director, John Baggley, said: “Emislaw Drive is the second development CCG has delivered as part of a strategic partnership with Angus Council. Over 50 homes have now been created and we are proud to have brought high-quality, high energy-efficient affordable homes to Arbroath. on behalf of the CCG Group, I extend my best wishes to the residents as they settle in and my thanks to the council for their efforts over the last two years”.

Photo includes Gordon Nicol (Manager, Community Housing Arbroath), Cllr King, Cllr Salmond, John Morrow (Service Leader,Housing), John Baggley (CCG Director), and Gerard  Farquharson (Architect)

Our Plans to Increase Affordable Housing in Angus

Our aspiring Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) was approved by Councillors last week.

The SHIP was developed in partnership with Housing Associations and the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership, along with our own planning and property services sections. The main purpose of the Plan is to set out the investment priorities for affordable housing over a five year period.

The SHIP makes sure we and our partners deliver housing which meets the needs of the local community and informs Scottish Government investment decisions. It includes affordable housing supply through new build, replacement, renovation and re-modelling.

We and our partners aim to deliver 120 new affordable homes each year, significantly increasing development over the lifetime of the LHS and beyond. This target was exceeded in 2018/19 with 128 units delivered across Angus. Up to the end of August 2019, 38 units have been completed, and it’s likely that the target of 120 units will be exceeded again this year.

Funding for affordable housing has been increased in recent years to meet the national target of 50,000 affordable homes within the lifetime of the current Scottish parliament. Our SHIP estimates that around 510 units could be delivered in the period to 2024/25, with the Council set to deliver around 272 of those homes.

Timmergreens regeneration updates

The Emislaw site planning application (18/00799/FULL) was recently approved by the Development Standards Committee .The project will deliver 38 modern properties, improving the environment and enhancing people’s quality of life.

The Emislaw site is the first of 4 sites as part of the Timmergreens regeneration project. The new development will provide a range of 1 and 2 bedroom own-door flats and 2 and 3 bedroom houses.

Demolition of the garages on the site has started and the demolition of the 32 existing dwellings should be completed within the next couple of months.

The project will also bring improvements to the play park area and to the pedestrian / cycle link.

The construction work on the site is scheduled to start early 2020 and to complete early 2021.

Muirton site

planning application was also submitted for the Muirton site (19/00255/FULL) and the construction work is also scheduled to start early 2020.

Fraser Path and Newton sites

Planning applications have still to be submitted for the final two housing phases of the regeneration programme.  These include properties in Fraser Path, with demolition of the identified dwellings planned to take place in summer 2020, and the construction work during 2021.

Demolition of the identified properties in Newton Crescent and Newton Avenue is planned to take place in the first half of 2021, with construction work to start later in 2021 and to complete during 2022.

Information about the developments are available on the Housing Developments webpage.

New Build Housing – A Tenant’s View

BeFunky Collage final

In April last year, tenants moved into the new homes at Viewmount in Forfar.

We went to see one of the Viewmount tenants, Nicola Brown, to see how she was getting on, and she kindly gave us her feedback on her new 3-bedroomed home. For Nicola and her family, getting a new council home meant a lot. Here’s what she said:

How are you finding your new house?

I love it, it’s nice and big. I will never move from here. It’s totally fab, in a great location and the neighbours are nice. We have a lovely view of the town.

Our lives are definitely better now than they were when we lived in a 3 bedroom flat in a block.

How long have you been a tenant of the Council?

I have been a tenant with the council for 3 years.

 What does your new house have that your previous house didn’t?

We have space and lots of cupboards here, a private and closed garden, our own driveway and it gives us great privacy. I can shut the living room door and no-one knows we are in. I like the location of the rooms in this house. I really like that we have the living room at the back of the house and the kitchen at the front. I can see my kids playing outside through the kitchen’s window whilst I’m making tea and doing the dishes.

 It’s great to have your own front entry door and we don’t need to use an entry fob anymore.

 The solar panels are great and save us money. There are times when we have only used 72 pence a day on electric even with using all our appliances.

 The number and location of all the cupboards and bi-folding doors are great. They can be locked which means we can keep things in a safe place away from the children. Our kitchen is nice and big enough for 6 people.

 All the bedrooms are a good size which means all the kids have space and we will be able to stay here when the new baby comes.

 All our family and friends that come to visit love the house too.

What’s the best thing (or things) about your new house?

Having my own driveway makes my life much easier. I don’t need to worry about living on a busy street anymore. We use to stay close to the main street and unpacking the shopping was not an easy task while trying to keep the children safe and remembering to lock the car between unpacking my car.

Having 2 bathrooms with showers are is making a make big different in our life. We only had a bath in the previous place so I think it is great that you are building houses with showers in them.

This house is really warm, even in winter time. I hardly have my heating on. Our home it’s very cosy with no draughts.

If the council could only prioritise 3 things in new houses, what 3 things would you suggest?

The cupboard space, a kitchen big enough to fit a table for families and having a shower as well as a bath.

 How long do you think you will stay in your current home?

 Forever, I am never leaving here.

 How do you and your family like living at Viewmount?

We love it, absolutely love it. Kids love the parks here and their school is nearby. There is no main road so it’s good and safe. There’s very little traffic it’s in a cul-de-sac. It’s close to the town centre and everyone is very nice here.

 How has your life changed since you moved to your new house?

It’s totally changed, it’s so much less stressful. We don’t need to worry about much living here. It’s much better for me and for my family. My kids can play outside here safely. I am so glad that we are away from the flat and environment around the block.

We’re delighted that Nicola and her family like her home so much and we hope to be able to do this for even more tenants over the next few years.

Calling residents of Nursery Park and River Street in Brechin

Montrose and Brechin Communities Team is holding a residents’ meeting for the Nursery Park/River Street area in Brechin to discuss proposed environmental improvements to the area – see flyer below.

flyerCome and join the meeting and tell us what you think of proposed improvements to the area.

Plans are available to view at Brechin Library, St Ninians Place, Brechin and at the Bridgend Bar, River Street, Brechin.




Academy Court Awarded Best Group Housing by the DIA


Our acclaimed affordable housing development at Academy Court in Forfar picked up its first award last night at the Dundee Institute of Architects annual recognition of the best new architecture and design in Tayside. The renewal of the old school buildings into fresh and vibrant new Council homes for rent was voted best group housing project.

The scheme has also been short listed for a number of other awards. Perhaps more importantly though, the new homes have been given huge approval by the community for whom the buildings play such an important role in the social fabric of Forfar.

See our previous post for other awards which could come Academy Court’s way.

Timmergreens Regeneration Update



We appreciate the feedback on the proposals and the comments received from local residents. We have worked with the design team and changed the plans from those initially publicised.  The plans for the Emislaw site have been submitted for planning approval.  The main changes to the proposals include:

  • The removal of one block of housing in the park area to the south of the site.
  • Re-routing the new pedestrian /cycle link to meet up with the bus stop on Arbirlot Road.
  •  Reviewing the space around the block at the north of the site to maximise distance between the gable elevations of the block and the existing adjacent properties.

As we advised in the previous post, the  feedback from local residents on the Emislaw Drive/Spitalfield Place site has helped to shape the final plans for the first site to be submitted for planning approval. The Emislaw site has now progressed and there is an application in for planning permission. The Emislaw proposals are available on our Planning website and residents have an opportunity to formally comment on these.

You can see the planning application for the Emislaw site online on our Planning website.

Positive Progress on Timmergreens Regeneration

Plans to deliver more modern, higher quality properties for our tenants in the Timmergreens area of Arbroath are moving ahead. The aim is to improve the environment and quality of life for people living in the area.

We consulted tenants and other residents in Timmergreens on proposals to improve the area in the summer of 2017. There was overwhelming support for the draft programme, which was approved by our Communities Committee on 20 August 2017. Since then, we have been rehousing the tenants of properties earmarked for demolition

Feedback from local residents on the Emislaw Drive/Spitalfield Place site has helped to shape the final plans for the first site to be submitted for planning approval this month.
See our website for more.

Hundreds Turn Out for Academy Court Open Day in Forfar

More than 700 people came along to see the new Academy Court properties at Saturday’s Open Day in the former Chapelpark school buildings.


Many people came along because it was their old school, both former pupils and teachers alike.


The fine weather added to the enjoyment of the people who attended, who spoke with Housing staff about the new properties and shared their own personal memories of the old school.



We welcome the new tenants to the development and wish them well in their new homes.


We thank the people of Forfar for joining us for this event and for their interest in our work.


Scroll down for more photos from Saturday’s event.