Your opinion matters – please help with our Antisocial Behaviour survey

Please take a few minutes to complete our Antisocial Behaviour Survey to find out what residents think about antisocial behaviour in Angus.

We’ve extended the survey closing date until the end of December to give as many residents as possible the chance to have their say.

Help us develop the new antisocial behaviour  strategy by taking part in the survey


Help Us Tackle Antisocial Behaviour

Since the start of April, we’ve received increasing numbers of anonymous complaints about antisocial behaviour.

While we understand that people might be reluctant to give us their contact details, we would like to reassure everyone that we don’t pass on names or contact details to the person you’re complaining about, if you ask us not to. By giving your contact details, it helps us investigate the issue and we’re more likely to be able to resolve the problems you’re experiencing. In most cases, when we receive an anonymous complaint, we try and contact neighbours, so you may well speak to an investigating officer, who will ask if you’re experiencing antisocial behaviour, regardless of whether you give us your contact details now

For more information about antisocial behaviour and what we can do to help, see our webpage.

If you want to report antisocial behaviour, please use our online form or call ACCESSLine 03452 777778 in confidence.

Neighbourhood Watch- Help make your neighbourhood a safer place

You can help make your local area safer in a various ways, whatever your skills and availability.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a community led initiative to bring local residents together to address crime and other community safety issues. Behind the initiative lies a very simple idea, working together can help to improve your community. Neighbourhood Watch groups often work with the local police, the local authority and other agencies.

NW area


There is no one way to run a Neighbourhood Watch.  A Neighbourhood Watch should meet the needs of the community it serves Neighbourhood Watches can be large, covering most of the households on an estate, or can be small and might involve just a few houses.

The groups may meet frequently or keep in touch via e-mail, social media, community noticeboard or a regular newsletter.

Signing up for alerts

To ensure that you are always included in relevant alerts and information, please register with Neighbourhood Watch Scotland by clicking the JOIN button on the website.

To access information on Neighbourhood Watch groups, meetings, communication in your local area see the Neighbourhood Watch website.