Tenant Hardship Loan Fund open for tenants struggling to pay rent

Tenants facing hardship due to COVID-19 will soon be able to apply for an interest-free government loan to cover up to nine months of rent.

The Tenant Hardship Loan Fund will give short-term support to tenants who are having trouble paying their rent because of the impact of COVID-19. A tenant hardship loan fund will open next week in Scotland.

Who can apply?

The interest-free loan will be available for private and social sector tenants who:

  • Have the right to reside within in the UK
  • Were not in rent arrears prior to 01 January 2020

Tenants can only apply for a loan once.

The loan scheme funding may be used to:

  • clear rent arrears that have arisen since 01 January 2020 and/or;
  • pay a maximum of 3 months future rent payments.

Tenants can apply for a loan to cover rent payments for up to 9 months in total. However, tenants cannot apply for more than 3 months of future rent payments.

The loan is repayable and may not be suitable for all tenants. Many tenants may be entitled to non-repayable support, for example through Universal Credit and Discretionary Housing Payments, which is a much better option.

How to apply?

For more information see the Tenant Hardship Loan Fund Portal


Support and financial advice during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties, concerns or questions about their circumstances should seek out the right information and support as soon as they can.

We realise that some people who pay Council Tax and Rent may have their incomes affected as a result of the measures taken in response to COVID-19. That could result in them having difficulty in paying their Council Tax or Rent.

If you think you may have difficulty paying your Council Tax or Rent then please contact the Council as soon as possible on 03452 777 778 and we will discuss it with you.

We know that our phone lines will continue to be extremely busy so, if it is an option, please use our online services, including our Contact the Council webpage, which provides information on ways to get in touch and to access council services.

We also recognise that some people in Angus may now require to Access Welfare Entitlements, where they might not have needed to previously. You will find helpful information about Benefits and Money Advice on our website.

For more details on financial advice and assistance see the Angus Council News website.

See the Angus Council News general website for daily updates.