New Disposal & Buy Back Policy approved

Yesterday, a new Housing policy was approved by the Communities Committee, which allows for Council properties to be sold and former Council properties to be brought back into our stock.

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The Disposal & Buy Back Policy takes into account housing customers’ views about our current housing stock. Our customers really like the new high quality houses being built across Angus, but they want us to deliver improvements to our existing properties quicker so more tenants can benefit.

We have looked at the properties we have and identified those that could be sold as they  don’t meet our customers’ requirements because they are inefficient, the wrong type, or in the wrong place. The money we receive will allow us to buy back former Council houses or flats and also help to fund regeneration programmes to improve existing properties.

We will only buy properties that are already on the market, and which meet our specific requirements for location, size and type.

If you live in a former Council property, please do not contact us to ask if we’ll buy your home. If your property is on the market and it meets our requirements, we will contact you through your selling agent.

Read the full Committee Report here.