How We Did Last Year -Charter Report Card

Each year we provide a wide range of information about Housing performance to the Scottish Housing Regulator for the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

We have prepared our latest Charter Report Card working in partnership with our Tenants Steering Group, and the information is grouped into the areas which are contained in the Charter. This year we have been unable to consult with our tenant representatives in person, but they have contributed digitally to the design of our report card, and we thank them for their involvement.

The Report Card is available online and shows what performance our tenants think is most important.

We haven’t included details on all the Charter outcomes and indicators but you can find these on the Scottish Housing Regulator’s website


Our Housing Performance Report 2018 – 19

We have produced a Report Card which lets you know how our Housing services performed last year against the standards set by the Scottish Housing Regulator in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.


The Report Card was prepared after consultation with our Tenants Steering Group to ensure we have reported the performance our tenants think is most important.

The Report Card is available on the our website now.

Housing Performance in Focus

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Our performance in 2017/18 was the subject of an Information Report to our Communities Committee this week. You can read the full report here.

In general, performance improved across the board, with some exceptions. Some of the main headlines were:

•       Improvements in arrears, void loss and relet times

•       Improvements in appointments kept

•       Slight declines in SHQS passes and repairs completed first time

•       Improvements in tenancies sustained over a year and time spent in temporary accommodation

•       Improvement in antisocial behaviour cases resolved

We aim to keep improving and have set ambitious targets with the help of our Tenant Steering Group for 2018/19.

We haven’t undertaken a full tenant customer satisfaction survey for 2 years, so we will soon be contacting tenants to ask for their views on our services.

If you want to know more about Housing performance since 2015/16, you can view our Charter report card.