Weekly Fire Testing Continues at Sheltered Housing

Tenants of our Sheltered complexes are used to fire alarm testing happening at the same time every week and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

fire alarm test
We would ask tenants to continue to stay within their homes whilst these tests are carried out to minimise any potential risks to tenants and staff during the current coronavirus situation.

If tenants hear the fire alarm sounding at any other time, they should follow the fire safety guidance issued at their complex. If any tenant wants to check the timings of the fire alarm testing, these are advertised on the notice board in each complex.


Preventing Fires in Stairwells

We were all shocked by the recent fire at Lordburn Place in Forfar, which was reported in the local press. We’re asking all Council tenants to promote fire safety in and around blocks of flats.

 We take the issue of fire safety very seriously and we want to ensure that tenants and their families are as safe as possible from the dangers of smoke and fire.

Common parts of any shared premises are particularly vulnerable if rubbish is allowed to build up in stairwells.

How you can prevent a fire in your block 

  • Do not store rubbish or flammable materials in communal areas.
  • Report any build up of such materials immediately to ACCESSLine.
  • Keep fire exits and escape routes clear. This could either be a door leading from your home, a balcony walkway or shared landing or staircase. The hall may be the only way out of your home so make sure there is nothing in the way that might slow you down in an emergency.
  • Be aware of your nearest fire exits.
  • Do not wedge fire doors open.

In the event of a fire

  • Call the fire service on 999.
  • Use the stairs, not a lift.
  • If you are trapped, close the door of your room and use bedding or clothes to block up any gaps under the door that might let in smoke or fumes.
  • Shout ‘FIRE’ from the window and tell people to call the fire service.                                                                                                                                          

  What we do to keep flat occupants safe

  • We inspect our blocks of flats on a regular basis to identify and report any issues for priority repair – we will take action against anyone who endangers the safety of occupants of blocks by dumping rubbish in stairwells
  • We work with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to ensure our blocks of flats are as safe as possible, carrying out regular fire risk audits.
  • We carry out Fire Risk Assessments in all communal areas to ensure our blocks meet the highest possible fire standards.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety of your building,

 contact your local housing team

on ACCESSLine 03452 777 778





Flat Safety in Angus

Important message from the Strategic Director – Place, Alan McKeown

In the wake of the catastrophic incident at Grenfell Tower in West London last week, we have conducted a comprehensive review of our domestic properties. The safety and security of our residents is always our top priority and we can assure the public that we constantly ensure our buildings meet the required standards and regulations. We also work continually with colleagues in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to review our fire safety and prevention measures.

There are no domestic buildings with a floor level above18m in Angus, either in the ownership of Angus Council or Registered Social Landlords. We have a number of five and four storey buildings. While several of these blocks have been over-clad in the last 20 years it is important to note that the external wall insulation systems that have been used are mechanically fixed directly to the existing non-combustible cement rendered building finish with no air gap. All of our over-cladded buildings were designed to comply with Scottish Building Regulations and have been subject to building warrant approval, detailed design and specifications showing compliance with regulations and an inspection regime. We also install sprinkler systems in all of our new-build houses.

While our initial assessments have provided us with assurances, our practice following any local or national incident is always to comprehensively review our arrangements and consider any improvements or actions needed. Officers from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be part of this review. They already have robust emergency response plans in place, with location specific plans for the five storey blocks and we will jointly assess any need to have these updated.

Please also see angus.gov for latest news